Rental Information


Seating Capacity: 50 fixed
expand to 62

Floor Plan
Stage Dimensions:
22' 7" wide x 15' 6" deep
• Dressing Room with 5 vanity stations
• costume/shoe rack
Lighting equipment:
• Lights controlled by Light Factory
• 69 Lighting Instruments
• 9 Dimmer Boxes (2400W, 600W per channel)
Full Instrument List (Light)
Sound / Video Equipment:
• 12 channel sound mixer
• Graphic Equalizer
• Powered Loud Speakers (2)
• DVD player
• Upright piano
Full Instrument List (Sound/Video)
• Large lobby
• Use of box office area
• Washer/Dryer on site
• Shower
• Audience restroom
• Stereo Receiver in Lobby for Music


$225 per performance;
$600 for a 3-show weekend;
$700 for a 4-show weekend

$25/hr day or evenings



Room Dimensions:
28' 3" wide x 23' 6"deep

Floor Plan
Sound Equipment:
• Stereo Receiver
• 5-disc CD Changer
• Upright piano
• Stereo jack for MP3 device
• Maple hardwood flooring
• Full length Mirrors
• Skylights
• Restroom

$20/hr day or evenings



Equipment List:
• Table Saw
• Mitre Saw
• Circular Saw
• Jigsaw
• Power Drill (AC)
• Power Drill (cordless)
• Hand circular sander
• Hand belt sander
• Edge Router
• Porter Cable air compressor

$20/hr day or evenings

NOTE: You must sign a waiver to use our shop.

For more information on availability and booking,
contact us at (323) 510-1651 or

Cancellation/Return Policy for Rentals
We do not offer refunds on performance, rehearsal or scene shop rentals. We can reschedule your rental, based on our availability, for any subsequent date and time within a 12-month period from the rental date.

Audition Information
Currently, there are no scheduled auditions at Chromolume Theatre.

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Mailing Address Chromolume Theatre
P.O. Box 641964
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone: (323) 510-1651

Physical Address Chromolume Theatre
at the Attic
P.O. Box 641964
Los Angeles, CA 90064


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Where are you located?
We currently are a company without a home. You can reach us at P.O. Box 61964, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

What time should I arrive at the theatre?
Generally speaking, it is best to arrive at the theatre roughly 15-30 minutes before your performance.

Does the theatre have wheelchair access?

Can my child/baby attend the theatre?/Is the show appropriate for children?
It is Chromolume Theatre's policy that no babies in arms may be allowed to attend. Further, we do not permit children under the age of four (4) to attend. This is to ensure that all customers enjoy the show. Young children are admitted but are not encouraged to attend unless the parent is confident the child will not distract other members of the audience. Everyone must have a valid ticket and occupy a seat. Accompanying adults will be asked to remove any noisy children. Generally, Chromolume Theatre produced productions are appropriate for school age children, while visiting productions can vary in appropriateness. Regardless, you should probably check with the Box Office when you order your tickets whether the production you are attending is appropriate for your child.

Are your actors professional?
In most cases, yes. Most, if not all, of the actors who perform in our shows are members of Actors Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild and/or American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Do your musicals have live musicians or taped accompaniment?
All of Chromolume Theatre's produced musicals include a single piano, or a small orchestra, usually five pieces. We do not use taped accompaniment at any of our performances. Any visiting production may use taped accompaniment.

Whom do I contact to usher for one of your performances?
If you wish to usher for one of our performances, contact our House Manager.

How can I purchase tickets for one of your productions?
There are three ways to purchase tickets for Chromolume Theatre produced performances (please note that visiting productions' methods may vary):

  • Purchase them online through our secure server
  • Purchase them in person at the Box Office
  • Purchase them over the telephone by calling (323) 510-1651 x202

Where do I pick up my tickets?
You can pick them up at the Box Office on the date of your performance.

Where is the Box Office located?
The Box Office is located immediately as you enter the theatre, to your right. The Box Office is open one hour prior to performance.

When are auditions for your performances?
Audition dates and times vary depending on the production. You can browse our Audition Page to check out when an upcoming audition is occurring and what to prepare for said audition.

Do you do only do musicals?
Chromolume Theatre's production productions are not only musicals. Occasionally, we will produce a play or a play with music. Visiting productions can vary anywhere between performance art to fully staged musicals.

Where can I find rental information?
To rent our theatre or to find out more information, you can check our Rental Page or call us at (323) 510-1651.



Chromolume Theatre does not currently have any auditions scheduled.



Chromolume Theatre's Musical Theatre library was started and founded by Producing Artistic Director, James Esposito, the son of a music theatre librarian. The collection boasts close to 2,000 items, providing an invaluable resource to performers, performance groups, academics and working professionals around the world. Dedicated to preserving the rich legacy of the American Musical, the library carefully maintains a comprehensive collection of scores, libretti, sheet music and original cast recordings. These reference tools are utilized by Chromolume Theatre staff and the musical theatre community at large in the re-creation and revitalization of the American Musicals, as well as in the creation and development of new works.

The library relies solely on contributions for the growth of its collection. During the past decade, the library has benefited from the generosity of many musical theatre professionals and collectors. None of the materials in the collection are for sale, and are for educational and research use only. It is absolutely NOT intended to be used in performance. If you intend to perform any of these shows publicly, in whole or in part, it is expected that you will contact the appropriate rights-granting organizations and obtain the rights first. In most cases, we can point you in the direction of the rights holder.