Chromolume Theatre’s name comes from the Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine musical, Sunday in the Park with George, about an artist struggling to make art meaningful in 19th Century France. Chromolume Theatre was founded by two struggling artists in 2003 with its primary mission to present the American musical on an intimate level in an entertaining, intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying way. With growth and change, Chromolume Theatre’s mission has evolved with a new dedication to presenting Broadway’s forgotten gems and off-Broadway’s undiscovered treasured, and shining a light on productions that deserve a second look. Chromolume Theatre also provides opportunity for artists to shine who have not had such an opportunity in the past, as well as a dedication to diverse and multi-cultural casts and crews.

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Chromolume Theatre is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, the largest arts fiscal sponsor in the country. So you can be confident knowing that whether you commit to a monthly tax-deductible gift of $5 or $50, or you are making a one-time donation of $500, whatever amount you can give, it all ads up to supporting Chromolume Theatre’s year-round programming and helping us light up the stage and preserve the work of Chromolume Theatre, not just for now, but for years to come.

We ask you to join Chromolume Theatre and become a dot in our canvas and help us to continue to bring the American musical and these programs to you, our friends, supporters. At Chromolume Theatre, we often say that we are a family, and we want you to join our family today.


Chromolume Theatre wants to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the individuals below for their generous donation. Their support plays a vital role in sustaining our mission to enrich our community through the arts.


Thanks to their contribution, we have been able to kick-start our 2024 production!  Their belief in our vision fuels our passion and commitment to excellence.


We also recognize and value the diverse financial circumstances of our community members. We want to underscore that every contribution, regardless of its size, is deeply meaningful and appreciated. Your generosity truly makes a difference.


To illustrate the impact of small donations, let me provide you with an example. Currently, we have approximately 1,800 names on our mailing list. If each individual donated a nominal amount of $25, it would collectively surpass our budgetary needs. This demonstrates how even modest donations can have a significant impact on our ability to fulfill our mission.


Of course, we understand that not everyone is in a position to donate, and some may be able to give more. We respect and appreciate every amount provided, no matter how large or small.


Your continued support is invaluable to us, and we’re deeply grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. Together, we can continue to enrich our community through the transformative power of theatre.


Thank you once again for your generosity, advocacy, and commitment to our shared vision. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome new members to our theatre family with your support. If you are able to contribute, please consider making a donation today and joining our donor list below.

2024 Donor List

Inga Agrest

Margarit Avedikian

Michael Butler

Jay Esposito

Amy Gilbert

Gary Gray

Danielle Handel & Richard Cunningham

Michelle Holmes

Rodney Hobbs

Chet Kronenberg

Marcel Licera

Steven Llanusa & Glen Miya

Teresa Mammana

Isabel Roth

Brad Simanski

James Smith

Paul Wong

Tom Young